Welcome to Transform Aotearoa

Transform Aotearoa has people at its very heart.

We are dedicated to building healthy whānau and helping people take the next step in their personal journey towards wholeness, by providing practical tools and support in provincial New Zealand. 

In seeking to walk alongside and foster healthy and whole communities across all generations, we are helping provincial communities in our nation to flourish. Through our personal development programs, up-skilling opportunities and group support, we are calling out the greatness in each one, and in turn, seeing hundreds of lives and families impacted for good. 

There is a place for everyone at Transform Aotearoa – come and join us, we’d love to meet you!

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April Newsletter

Check out our latest NewsletterRead more

Barista Training

This week we held a Barista Coffee Essentials program.  We had 17 students registered for the class and only 10 showed up.  I had several people pull out the day before due to covid related issues Read more


We are very excited about the year ahead and all the people who will get touched by what we offer.  Men’s, women’s, parenting, Te Reo, driving and youth programs have resumed.  We are takingRead more


Happy New Year. Transform Aotearoa opened its doors for 2022 this week. All staff were grateful for the break and even though we all have staggered starting dates we are happy to be back and gettingRead more

Christmas Time

It has been a very interesting year and we have done a clever job at sailing right through it despite all the waves.  The Transform ship has stayed intact and on target and as we pull in and anchor Read more

Class 4 Truck License

We had 6 people booked to do the program however only 4 turned up.  I had a family emergency and was unable to be here to assist with the program.  We still have no idea where they got to. TheRead more

Heavy Transport HT Class

We had five of nine, that registered to attend our recent Heavy Transport Class 2 program.  This group have raced through the material with ease.  Thankfully they all took my word to pre study, andRead more

Spring is in the air

The lambs and calves leaping playfully in the fields is definitely an indicator that Spring is finally here.  We have sprung into action since the alert levels have changed and we are operating someRead more

Covid-19 Lockdown

With the current lock down descending rapidly on us like a thick fog without warning, I thought it appropriate to encourage everyone to make sure you test positive for faith.  Keep your distanceRead more

New Cars

Recently Transform Aotearoa was blessed with funding to upgrade the old Suzuki Swift fleet that were getting up in kilometres and starting to have regular trips to the mechanics.  Transform wereRead more

Cooking on a Shoestring

This month we started a new initiative, “Cooking on a shoestring”.  This is a program designed to teach those on low incomes how to make a little stretch a long way and still have nutritious andRead more

April Newsletter

Check out all the latest news from Transform Aotearoa in our April NewsletterRead more

Resilient by Design

On my way to work each day I pass a billboard advertising a company and the image is a beautifully cut solitaire diamond accompanied by the words “Resilient by Design”.  Personally, I think this is a testament of the people we see each day.  Many come as rough stones discoloured and rough by life’s circumstances.  After a little self-discovery, a journey of forgiveness and letting go, is like the precision of a diamond cutting tool with each stroke, rough edges and discolouration disappear to reveal a perfect cut masterpiece within.  Every story is real and every person a soul who is looking for a brighter tomorrow. 

These Heart-Warming stories are the tales of lives that are indeed Resilient by Design.

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Transform Aotearoa Charitable Trust is a registered charity. Our Charities Services registration number is CC53205.