Heavy Transport Class 4

Once a year we hold a dedicated Heavy Transport Class 4 course to help our Class 2 students move up the ranks in the trucking industry.   One of the gentlemen had an interview with Higgins one of New Zealand’ road engineering companies before coming to class in the hope of securing a position.  This opportunity has opened a door for him to invest in himself and better provide for his family, something he would not have been able to afford on his own.   He was very grateful and honoured to be included in the programme. We know this will give him the boost he needs to further his career pathway. 

 He sent me a lovely text message letting me know he had passed his driving test and how much he appreciated all my help to get over this hurdle. 

 It really warms my heart when I see family men take up the challenge and push themselves outside their comfort zone.  Some of them have not studied in a very long time and still courageously push the grey matter all for the sake of their family’s financial benefit.