The Piwakawaka Logo

The logo has a dual interpretation. First and foremost it depicts the silhouette of the Piwakawaka (Fantail). Now the fantail is a small bird which features in many Maori legends for being notoriously cheeky, rebellious and even a messenger of misfortune, but, despite all of that which is said against the fantail, it holds its ground by demonstrating characteristics of true fearlessness, courage, industry and even innovation. The Piwakawaka is also known for its energetic flying antics and its long tail which opens to a fan to enable it to use twisting and turning movements in mid-air to catch insects in flight. 

Like any whānau or community, we at Transform Aotearoa believe that despite historical patterns of behaviour- change for the better is possible. We believe also that realising and releasing the potential resident within each person works towards transforming an individual, whānau and community. Even as the fantail uses what it has available to it to be innovative and successful in thriving, so too must we discover our own unique strengths, skills and talents to be able to use what we have to be able to thrive in this life. 

Secondly, the logo also depicts a second image- the puawaitanga [blossoming] of a small shoot breaking through the whenua [earth] from a small kakano [seed]. Trinity Lands Ltd are a major sponsor and partner of the work we do and the environmental connection of the Piwakawaka, it’s habitation- the sky and the link with the land pays tribute to this company’s investment into the work carried out to bless and serve the people of Aotearoa - New Zealand. 

– Original drawing designed by Jade Hohaia [Ngāti Raukawa ki Putaruru], stylised logo created by a local design agency.

About New Zealand Fantails

THE FANTAIL IS FULL OF CONFIDENCE: The fantail is not a shy bird- it is very confident & often found flittering within only a few metres of people. Confidence, belief and resilience is something we can all access through being encouraged, supported and learning new skills which raise the level of belief within ourselves.

THE FANTAIL IS ENERGETIC & FULL OF LIFE: the fantail is an energetic & vocal bird that dances, sings, flutters & flies around you with great playful animation. We should play & laugh together more often- as whānau, as humans. We need to live lives that are well-balanced and free from stress & 'busyness' in order to have reservoirs of energy to draw upon to purposefully invest in our work, communities and in building healthy whānau.

THE FANTAIL IS INNOVATIVE: the fantail uses what it's got & that is a broad tail which enables the fantail to change direction quickly to hunt. It also has a capacity to hop around upside down on the underside of leaves to find insects. Sometimes like the fantail, we have to recognise and use what we have to move forward in life. Plus, we need to look at life sometimes from a different perspective to find fresh insight & new opportunities that we might never have discovered otherwise. Living life with a vision that doesnt see problems, barriers and limitations but positive and effective out of the box solutions.