Heart Warming Stories


I had one of our surrogate grandmothers who is raising a teenager pop in for some information on driving licenses.  She shared it has not been easy raising him and getting custody and yet he is doing so well despite being told by his mother that he was useless and most likely to kill someone when he gets older. 

He has become a hard worker; this has been recognised by his employer and has been given the opportunity to work towards an apprenticeship.

It ceases to amaze me how anyone can say to another that they are useless and will not measure up to be anything.  The school yard ditty “Sticks and stone can break my bones, but name will never hurt me” is complete lies.  When someone of influence says things like this especially a parent or teacher it can have lifelong effects that are not easy to shake free from.  Even with an attitude of “I will show you!” does not erase the pain of words that should never have been spoken in the first place.

Speaking words that give life is not hard to do.  It may only take a moment, but the outcomes can have such a positive influence that sees another reach the God given potential they were designed for.  I am excited for this young person as we hope to be a part of his potential as he obtains a driver’s license in the near future.