Heart Warming Stories

New Avenue

One of the ladies on the course said that she had been struggling financially due to the covid lock down.  She has wanted to do the HT Class 2 for two years but could not afford to pay for it.  She mentioned that it was a big enough step for her to save the finances to do the medical, let alone the HT course costs.  She was so grateful that this opportunity has come her way.   It has opened a whole new avenue for employment and her career.  She is hoping to get a class 4 at the end of 2021 knowing that it will lead to greater opportunities in the future.

This lovely lady was on our Barista course last year and when she heard that we do HT licenses she has been on the phone regularly with me in anticipation of the course eventuating.  It has been lovely getting to know her over this time and she warms my heart because she is so grateful for everything that comes her way and we know it will benefit her for years to come.