Heart Warming Stories

Glimmer of hope...

This week we had a local agency bring a young lady to us with the hope of getting her involved in a program that would help her to get some vision for her life.  Even at her young age she has had many life experiences that have pushed her off track and out of her running lane.  The agency that brought her to us were concerned about her mental health and lack of support being new to town.

She was brought up to visit us the day before class began to meet some of the team.  I heard back later that as she was driven home that the conversation was positive and that she was both excited and inspired.  This is the glimmer of hope we were hoping for. 

She sent Amber a late-night text thanking her for her time and that she was so inspired by their time together earlier in the day and could not wait for the class the following day. 

Amber said this young lady loved every moment of the program and commented that she had never heard anything like what we were teaching before in her life.  She felt so comfortable and that was not like her.  She is excited to make friends and be in a positive space.  We are certain she will be back next week to get more navigation tools to help her on her new journey.