Heart Warming Stories

Embracing Life

Lamen told me of a story that touched him very deeply this week.  He helped a young man to get his learners and was blown away at how bright he was and that he had a good attitude to learning. 

On the trip home after successfully gaining his learners, Lamen asked “what’s your story and how come you are not at school?”  Lamen did not expect the answer he got.  This young man had a massive personal trauma with the loss of a parent a couple of years ago and his ability to concentrate and retain his studies went right out the window.  It has taken all this time for him to gather himself to the point of knowing he needs to do something if he wants to get a job.  Lamen was so impressed with his attitude that Transform will investigate a possible apprenticeship opportunity on his behalf from local businesses that we are in contact with.  He is very keen to move forward and embrace life and opportunities that come his way. 

This young man does have a bright future even though he will still be processing his loss, he now has something to look forward to.  Grief can knock the socks off anyone, but success is when one still has the courage to get back up again and keep going.  This is a young man we will be watching intently to witness his progress.