Heart Warming Stories

Come home

This week one of our ladies who we have not seen since October last year popped up to visit. She was welcomed by all the staff with enormous bear hugs saying we missed her.  When we were by ourselves in the office, she started to get teary and said she was completely overwhelmed by the welcome and needed a moment to compose herself.  Our tissue boxes are well used in moments like these.  She said it has made me realise that I am not alone, and I do not have to hide myself away. I feel like I have just come home!  It has been a tough road, but she is ready to come back again and said she was silly to stop coming when we were one of her biggest supports.  She will be back Friday to join the ladies.

This lady has had her compass spin out of control for a few months mainly for health reasons and like most feel they are not good enough to return and shut themselves away.  Thankfully, her compass has readjusted to true north and she is able to think straight again.  Her comment ‘I feel like I have just come home’ was so beautiful. The very thing she needed most was the whanau support at Transform and for whatever reason shied away.  We are so thankful she came back.  We know once she gets back into the routine she will come right again.

She is not alone in our community and I place a challenge to check up on people who you have lost contact with or have not seen in a little while you maybe the breath of fresh air they need to realise that they are not alone or isolated, and people are thinking of their wellbeing.  If everyone did this on a regular basis, I believe we would see a dramatic decline in mental health issues across our nation.  A simple value to do to others what you would like them to do to you if you were in a similar situation.  Something to think about!