Class 4 Truck Licence

Recently we ran our yearly class 4 program for four gentlemen.  They were all so appreciative of Transform offering this program to help them get ahead. 

We had a young guy who told his boss he was doing a free course to get his class 4 and needed time off to do it.  The boss got nervous knowing that he could get a better offer and leave his current employment.  He said having the class 4 will open all kinds of opportunities for him.  He is only 21 and said that over the break his hours at work are diminishing and having this will help him pick up casual contract work around the district.  His goal in his sights is the class 5.  He looked me squarely in the face and said, ‘if it wasn’t for Transform, he wouldn’t be where he is today’.  I am certain there was a greater meaning behind his words.

I have great hopes for this young man.  Like the other young men who have gone before him in our programs they had big dreams too and with plenty of perseverance now have what they set out to achieve.  He gave me the biggest bear hug at the end of the day and promised to keep in touch about his driving progress.  We wish him well.