Official handover

This week we had the official handover of the Transform van from Trinity Lands to us. A simple intimate occasion to honour our funders and the hard-working individuals who had a hand in making it a reality. About fifteen of us met down on the section beside the St John’s Hall, which is a far nicer place to gather than in the carpark behind our building. Thankfully the weather was good to us, and the proceedings happened without the need to dash undercover to escape the rain. Afterwards everyone returned to Transform for a coffee, light refreshments, and fellowship. It was a beautiful time to celebrate the addition of another vehicle to our fleet and get to know one another a little better.

This is something so simple yet so necessary in a world that has forgotten the importance and value of appreciation. Having an attitude of gratitude in every circumstance of our lives is something we can all develop to help make this world a better place.