Many Hands

Our men’s life group was out and about recently helping to stack firewood rings for one of our locals who really appreciated the manpower to clear the felled tree on their property. Danny commented that ‘many hands made light work’ and everyone enjoyed the mahi without bursting their boiler. He said the berry muffins that were provided afterwards were an extra bonus. At the end they were thanked for their assistance only to have the men thank the lady in return for inviting them to come. Once the men got back to town, they met at their regular watering hole for a coffee and a chat.

It was great to hear that the work didn’t feel like work but a ‘pay it forward’ moment that the life group got to share together. Life isn’t always about what you can get, but about what you can give to those around you. These moments can be the ones we remember most and how we made a positive difference in another person’s world.