Whakahonohono Mai Graduation

A lovely group of ladies attended the recent graduation. Everyone had a chance to share about what session meant the most to them and why. Topics like self-control, love languages, whanau dynamics and who am I, were mentioned repeatedly.

Our guest speaker Jade Hohaia and creator of our programs spoke to the ladies and encouraged them to build something that will last; build something you know you can; and grow something for the next generation. She said you are the fulfilment of your ancestors’ wildest dreams. Programs don’t change lives - people do. It was very inspiring for everyone in the room.

Certificates and bunches of lilies were handed out to each lady, and they all looked very chuffed. The formalities were followed by a delicious lunch of Indian cuisine. Then Belena made some delicious blueberry muffins for everyone. The room was full of conversation and laughter as the ladies enjoyed each other’s company. Well after the event I could still hear chatter and laughter coming from the room.