Heavy Transport Class 2

This was the biggest Class 2 group we have ever put through Transform with 12 on the roll.  With the increase in need for licensed truck drivers across the country these positions are being highly sort after.  I don’t have to advertise, as word of mouth saves me the trouble.  The roll is always full months in advance and some are happy to wait until next year just to secure a spot.

On the first day we had 11 of 12 attend.  One guy broke his leg the day before, which put him out of action.  We have transferred his name over for next year.  By the end of the day learners licences were awarded to those who sat the AA test, which allowed them to continue on to the next stage of the theory process.

Days two and three were very intense and the grey matter was on the verge of overload.  Considering this is normally a 6-month process it is no wonder that they feel overwhelmed with all the knowledge crammed into such a short space of time.  The lolly tin that was produced on day 2 after lunch was warmly welcomed.  The added sugar was a boost to help them through the afternoon.

All 11 students passed the practical driving test in Matamata and are ready to undertake the challenge of pursuing or continuing their trucking interests.  We wish them all the very best in their endeavours.