From the Managers Desk

Our signature men’s and women’s personal development programs continue to be the main focus of our organisation.  These programs meet weekly covering a wide variety of topics that help individuals to overcome their past hurts and traumas to move forward into a place of freedom.

Many of our clients gain enough confidence to successfully obtain employment or go into tertiary education after completing our programs.  Once they make peace with their pasts, they are free to fulfil their destinies.  

The ongoing group and personal mentoring that is available from all our facilitators helps to create a welcoming environment where everyone feels like an important part of the whanau. A home away from home.

The addition of the men’s daily life group has been incredibly valuable for those who are on probation or currently unemployed.  It has become a constructive space to be busy doing positive activities instead of staying home on the couch feeling disconnected or depressed.  The comradery of the group has turned into a brotherhood where they support each other on their journey to wholeness.  Since this program was added Transform has seen the attendance at the Wednesday night men’s program increase and maintain its numbers over the term.

Transform has extended its boarders partnering with Violence Free Waipa to deliver the women’s program in Cambridge.  Our program has been welcomed and exceeded their expectation of the outcomes for the women in attendance.  The upcoming graduation will combine with the Putaruru class which we hope will only strengthen the bond between our organisations and the two groups of program participants.

Positive life change is what Transform is all about.  For those wanting to change and are prepared to put in the mahi, we are more than happy to walk with them and provide practical tools that can assist them on their journey to wholeness.