Class 4 Truck License

We had 6 people booked to do the program however only 4 turned up.  I had a family emergency and was unable to be here to assist with the program.  We still have no idea where they got to.

The interesting story was that out of the blue last Friday evening I got a message from a chap who wanted to know if he could join the class 4 on Monday.  This has never happened before, and I was a bit flustered at the last minute.com entry.  However, once I ascertained that he met the criteria and was completely eligible to join the rest of the class, I felt more at ease.  It was a case of ‘it’s not what you know but who’.  He had come via Trinity Lands who is one of our major funders.  He was so grateful for the opportunity to join the rest of the trucking team. It was only one day of theory and a one-hour truck drive but enabled our class 2 students to move to the next level and obtain a class 4 license.  According to the tutor he was the most confident of all the drivers in the fully loaded vehicle.  Good mental note to self for next time to not get to hung up about last minute.coms.

Another student was extremely nervous about driving the fully loaded truck and especially over the Kaimai’s.  James decided instead of giving him overnight to stew on it, invited him to go with him on the drive over the Kaimai’s to pick up the truck for the tests the following day.  James noted he could see how intently this guy was concentrating in a vehicle that big and one he had never driven before.  James kept positive and helped him with instructions along the way.  James commented ‘you should have seen the relief and look of complete success that showed on his face when he got to the bottom of the Kaimai’s, it was great to share that moment with him’.  At Transform we love being a part of people’s successes.  Helping them to gain a qualification they never thought possible due to many different reasons is something Transform gets a kick out of.  Some students want to upskill, some want to drive big rigs and others want a career change.  All are valid and it is a privilege to have a hand in making a way for these individuals.  I don’t think the students realise how much of a buzz we get out of their success too.

The other two students were a brother and sister duo.  Apparently trucking runs in the family and both are keen to drive big rigs.  They sent me a photo of them proudly holding their certificates in front of the truck.  Both will be actively looking for class 4 employment.

James thanked me for, yet another successful course and he is always impressed with the quality of people he has on the courses here. He will continue as long as he is able but would like to retire one day.