Heavy Transport HT Class

We had five of nine, that registered to attend our recent Heavy Transport Class 2 program.  This group have raced through the material with ease.  Thankfully they all took my word to pre study, and they recognised that it did help considerably.  The first day the students were finished earlier than expected and popped over to the AA in Tokoroa to sit their learners. This is the first group to pass with no one needing to do a re-sit.

On the second day everyone arrived bright and early and said the AA truck test was a piece of cake.  Sergeant Daniel Peat arrived to talk about Police and heavy vehicles, being courteous on the road and having patience.  He said if you know your truck is not road worthy and your company are not doing anything about it then give them a call and they will pull you over and do a truck inspection.  It is then on the company and not the driver.  He talked about unsecured loads and mentioned the chemical spill on the Kaimai’s recently.  First responders found out that the chemical was highly toxic, and the road had to be closed.  Know what you are carrying, have the right documentation and be as helpful as possible to first responders if you’re involved in an accident, it can save lives, livestock, and livelihoods.  Be intelligent drivers.

By day three the participants brains were overflowing with information.  Some had not studied for many years and getting the mental cogs to operate at optimum performance again took a bit of encouraging.  Despite this, James mentioned this class has been the easiest group to teach.  They were all very focused and determined to pass.   Meeting work requirements and up-skilling were the main driving force for these participants.

The driving tests in Matamata were a walk in the park for this class.  Everyone passed with flying colours, each person had a twinkle in their eyes as they were presented with their certificates. Now our community has five new eligible truck drivers.  We wish them all the very best for their future driving careers.