Cooking on a Shoestring

This month we started a new initiative, “Cooking on a shoestring”.  This is a program designed to teach those on low incomes how to make a little stretch a long way and still have nutritious and filling meals, especially when there are hungry tummies to satisfy. 

I wrote this program 10 years ago and it has been implemented in a number of communities where making ends meet can be a work of art in itself.  The sessions show how either 250 grams of mince, 1 chicken breast or 3 sausages can be transformed into meals for 6-8 people.  Creating a three course meal for 6-8 is achievable for $40.  Making pasta from scratch, using a simple potato to make gnocchi and what innovative meals and treats can be created by using something as simple as pizza dough are included.  Most of the meals take less than half an hour to prepare so we are not stuck in a kitchen when there are always plenty of other things we could be doing in and outside of the home.  One of the best things is that everyone gets to taste the meals after they are made to see if their families would enjoy them. Elements of the program also include using what you already have in the kitchen cupboards to eliminate going to the supermarket for a random item and being tempted to burst the budget.