6th Year Celebration

It was a beautiful day to celebrate another year of successes at Transform, about 50 people came together to support the event. 

Guest speakers included Howard Goold TACT CEO, Ross Bay TACT Chairman, Bret Flemming Trinity Lands, Murray Hamilton District Police and Transform staff/ facilitators.  It was an enjoyable event sharing details on the successes Transform has had even though it has not been a typical year.   The stories that flow out of Transform on a weekly basis is testament to the lives that are changing around here.

 A number of course attendees were brave enough to stand up in front of the group and share what they were like before and now months or years down the track and how Transform has been pivotal in their personal growth as an individual. One lady commented that she had an ice-cold heart but after attending for some time now has a warmed, strengthened and at peace heart.  It was lovely that she took the time to acknowledge the funders for their support.

Another spoke of how she was shy and withdrawn but with Transform has gone on a process of self-discovery and she understands her purpose and value.  She is ready to face any season that comes her way, whatever that holds. And has the tools to do it in style.

One of the men shared how he has grown so much that he is a different person now and is happy with who he has become.  He has loved the support that has been available when he needed it most.

The event concluded with light refreshments in the form of a beautifully presented grazing table ladened with cheeses, meats, fruit, crackers dips and more.  A banquet for all Transforms special guests.  The fellowship and connection was very interactive as agencies, locals, staff, supporters and funders mingled while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.  We look forward to another year serving this amazing community.