Barista Training

In August we held another Barista coffee program with Industry Training Solutions.  We had 15 registered to attend but only 11 made it.  Health issues being the main reason for backing out which we are grateful for considering the season we are in currently.  All those attending were very happy the course was still running even though we were in level 2.  ITS had all the PPE required and those who were concerned moved apart where possible to allow for distancing.  

We had a few nervous ones when we started but mostly everyone was excited to be trying something new.  On day one the tutor said everyone looked like they were afraid of the coffee machines but by the end of the course they had some students who stayed behind to get more practice in.   She said this was unusual as other groups are keen to leave.  
They were also extremely impressed that not everyone knew each other but they saw friendships form quickly between students the energy was high and heart felt laughter frequently heard on both days.
They also commented that it was nice to have a smaller group this time, which allowed students quality time on the industrial machines.   They are confident that all the students would make great barista’s and hoped they would find employment sooner than later.  
The other comments from the tutors were those who struggled a bit with the theory requirement.  Mainly the older ones but those who had good literacy were happy to help those who struggled.  It is great that they all pulled together so “no one was left behind”.  Spirits were high at the end and everyone was ready to take on the Barista world.
One lady said her goal was to work at the Wooden Farmer and feels like she has something to offer and cannot wait to apply for a job there. 
Another lady when she put her name forward to attend said, “I am just a 61-year-old housewife, do I qualify?”  I said, “Hun you are so much more than just a housewife, and you are more than welcome to come”.  She was so happy that she had something to look forward to.  She did struggle a little with the literacy but was able to meet the requirements.
A married couple came that run a food/ministry truck in Tokoroa.  They were extremely excited to learn as they had thought they knew how to make a coffee but realised they were only armatures.  Both of them are well armed with the techniques to produce a good cup of coffee and are excited they can provide a better product to their customers.
It never ceases to amaze us at Transform how this program increases confidence in those who attend.  The looks on their faces when they complete something worthwhile is heart-warming to say the least.  This qualification can give them access to the world of hospitality (not literally at the moment).  It creates and endless amount of opportunities that they may never have had access to in the past.  We wish them all the best for the future!
I was excited to see some spontaneous positive comments on Pride in Putaruru Facebook page from students who attended.