Covid-19 Lockdown

Transform Aotearoa like all the other businesses across the country are doing our best to comply with the nationwide covid-19 lockdown that happened three and a half weeks ago.  We chose to close down on the Monday before lockdown for the safety of three of our staff who fall into the high risk category.  Their health was more important than keeping the doors open an extra two days.

Like many others we have done our best to operate remotely from the comfort of our homes.  The main change for myself is that my travel time to work has gone from driving 50 minutes to a ten second walk to my dining table each day.

Our ladies programs have continued to operate weekly in the social media forum and has been successful however everyone is now ready to move to level 2 so they can meet face to face again.  The ladies have been an amazing support network for each other.

The men have done things differently.  Lamen has kept in contact by phone every couple of days, checking in and being a listening ear when needed for the men to download.  This has worked effectively but like the women they are ready to meet as a group again also.  We can honestly say that the contact we have had with our clients this way has been better than expected. 

We are excited about moving into level 3 next week and then to level 2.  Then we can continue the work we do so well in this rural community.  Stay safe everyone not long to go.  Kia Kaha!