Happy New Year - 2020

Happy New Year from the team at Transform Aotearoa. We were very glad for the break but have hit the ground running in the New Year. 

Opening our doors on the 6th January to help those needing licencing assistance.

Our youth learners and HT class 2 programs were successful with 100% pass rate.
We are excited for our class 2 students who now have a greater opportunity to gain
employment in the trucking industry and increase their earning potential. Many of
them will begin driving class 2 trucks in the near future in preparation to attend the
class 4 program in December. They want to make the most of the opportunities that
TA offers this year to help them get a head in their work life. We wish them all the
very best.
The CAP addictions course has already begun and positive connections are being
made with the class and facilitators.
Regular courses are set to begin from the 12 th February and all our facilitators are
eager to get the ball rolling. This year we are preparing for a couple of new
programs that we hope will assist locals towards personal development and growth.
English as a Second Language course is set to start as soon as funding is approved.
This will help locals who struggle with the English language and want to improve.
Our dedicated sewing room was set up our first week back in anticipation for sewing
classes in term 1. A skill we have realised that needs to be taught as many never
got the opportunity to take at high school. Everything from learning to sew the
simplest of bags to reconstructing a charity shop treasure or designing and making a
patchwork quilt.
Our group for teenage girls who have lost their purpose and vison for life or the
future is set to begin shorty. The trained facilitators are excited to mentor and walk
with these young ladies so they can gain the confidence needed to march
optimistically into the future knowing they can have a dream and fulfil it.
We love doing what we do in the community and seeing lives changed some more
dramatically than others but there is no competition here. We leave no one behind if
they are struggling to keep up or stay on the straight and narrow, we provide the
necessary guidance to see them move towards wholeness just like anyone else,
even if it takes them longer. This year is looking very promising and those who have
already walked through our doors of hope have felt our excitement.