Love Bomb Putaruru

It was touch and go with the weather but we all had faith that we wouldn’t get rained out.  Instead we got a little sprinkle and the clouds parted enough to allow the sun to poke through while we Love Bombed the community.  Zigzagging up and down Princes Street the ladies were like angels flitting in and out of shops.  

This year the reactions were fabulous as we presented the services of this town, the retailers and locals on the sidewalk with flowers, biscuits and chocolates. One lady from the library was so blown away she kept asking are we sure they are for her and not someone else?  Another said ‘if you knew the day I have had... this has just made my day’.  The ambulance station lady said ‘I picked a good day to come to work’. Others said ‘what a lovely thing to do you have just made my day’.  And a couple of people proudly announced ‘I got bombed last year too’.  We went into a hairdressers and gave everyone in there a treat which then had everyone talking.  The vibe around town was contagious.

The preparation beforehand was huge as Belena and Ramona were up to their elbows in biscuit batter and baked for hours the day before.  By the end of the afternoon all the biscuits were neatly packed into cellophane bags ready for delivery.  A donation of 100 Thank You chocolates were hand made by Janice and James McConnell. 

The morning of the event a small group of four ladies arrived to help wrap bunched of beautiful flowers.  Margaret Elliot donated flowers along with Marilyn Smith who donated greenery.  This helped to stretch the budget.  The ladies were broken up into two teams and one group started doing all the services in town and the other group started on the retailers. 

Overall it was a huge success.  One of our ladies said ‘that was so much fun and it helped to boost my confidence levels I’m on a high’.  So not only did we boost the community we also boosted our helpers.  That’s what it’s all about – being a light in the community and not being afraid to shine!