Te Kaupapa Whakamana

This event happened last week and sadly only 3 graduates made it to the graduation due to other commitments.  However those who did make the effort were spoilt with a night to remember.  A feast of pizza, egg salad and garlic bread followed by a carrot cake delighted the taste buds of the graduates and guests.

The group’s participants come from all walks of life and all kinds of socio-economic levels but when they come to Transform Aotearoa to do a men’s course they are all equals.  Everyone is treated with the same respect that is expected of them.

One of Transforms greatest joys is being a part of people’s lives and seeing them break free of chains that have held onto them for far too long.  The staff at TA love what they do and if they can impact even one person to see their potential and give them tools to break free then it’s all been worth it.

At the end of the evening when certificates were presented one man said, the group was a journey – brotherhood in the community.  The course enforced and reminded him of where his life was going.  And his hope is that more in the community would join the program.