Te Moana Kura

On the 10th April 2019 Te Moana Kura had their graduation.  These ladies bonded from the first class, which was unusual as in the past it has taken until the 4th session before the ladies connect.  It was a beautiful program where they were all encouraged and challenged to the core to be a better version of themselves. 

The guest speaker Linda Steel spoke of her challenges over her life and how she wouldn’t change any of them because they have made her who she is today, the good bad and the ugly.  She stressed the importance of looking after yourself and having “me” time.  Whether coffee with friends, walking on the beach or in the bush or going on adventures like the Tongariro Crossing.   Being positive and having a ‘can do’ attitude is important for your mental health.  Likewise kicking the victim mentality to the curb that robs so many is important as a modern women. 

One of the graduates said this course out of all the ones she has done at TA was the most impacting for her and says doing the course a second or third time helps the information to stick.  She said she has seen greater change in herself over this course more than any other.

It is such a privilege to walk with every one of the ladies who comes through our doors.  Seeing life change happen is what TA is all about, so ladies like these can go on to positively impact the lives of others in the process.