Barista Training

At the beginning of March Transform Aotearoa held their first Coffee Essentials Barista training course with the help of Industry Training Solutions.  On the first day the 14 ladies looked very nervous but that was short lived. 

The first 40 minutes of class gave them enough information on the history and culture of coffee to blow their minds.  By the end of the course the confidence and self-esteem had lifted 100%.  Smiles laughter and a sense of accomplishment radiated from the ladies.  Many of these ladies have been faced with many challenges... After the past two days that has all changed.

So much excitement and a little hope from the TIS team fueled these ladies to believe in themselves and for some they now have something to offer an employer, this is astounding.  Everyone walked out a winner.

This is a qualification that is recognised worldwide and Dave from TIS said that he has photos of previous students working a Barista machine in a cafe beside the Eiffel Towel. 

All these ladies needed was to have someone believe in them and offer some hope.  One young girl was on such a high that she finally had a recognised qualification.  She said “I have done a lot of courses but this one was the best”.  She left standing tall and beaming from ear to ear.  She also has the opportunity to go for an interview at a local Bake house who is looking for a junior to train.  In two days her future already looks bringer, all because of a Coffee Essentials Barista course.  Another two ladies want to have their own business, one a café and the other a food truck selling coffee and snacks.  This course has inspired them so much and the lady wanting a food truck said “I’m on a roll and I don’t want to stop”. Transform Aotearoa is indeed changing lives and making a difference in this South Waikato Community may it long continue.

 Another Coffee Essentials Course is scheduled to happen in third term.  If you are interested please register your interest at the Transform Aotearoa office.