Transform Aotearoa Refresh

The months of September and October have had us giving the place a real spring clean. The lovely ladies in our team oversaw the project and the rooms were refreshed and transformed ready for the new season! It is awesome to see the women take such pride and ownership of their spaces, and it is encouraging to see a sense of belonging and willingness to help out with such tasks.

Another exciting thing is the interest in people wanting to learn to sew and do patch work. It is a great tool to be able to create your own things, and mend what you already have. So to have such a positive response has made us excited that a trade like that has been revitalised. The sewing machines and fabric have all been donated which we are very grateful for!

A sewing project that is already underway and is benefiting the community is boomerang bags which are reusable bags that get shared around town as they pass from a shop to a customer to another shop. The ladies have also been making wheat bags for rest homes, both bag and wheat bag are such beautiful colours and unique designs. Sewing allows such diverse opportunities for those part of the programme and it is so neat to see the courage in these ladies as they step out of their comfort zone and try something new together.