Love-Bombing our Town

We had an awesome day 'love bombing' our local community, by taking to the streets with flowers and sweet treats to thank our community for all they do here in Putaruru.

It was so much fun, to get out in our community and thank our local Police, Social Services & Corrections staff who serve our community, as well as our local business owners that work so hard to provide us with the resources and services that keep Putaruru running. Joining with local church Putaruru Gospel Chapel, we enjoyed brightening shop staff's morning with some surprise baking and chocolate for morning tea, and gorgeous fresh Chrysanthemums for the ladies.

We love our community and this was such a fun morning, and opportunity for people to step outside of their own world for a morning to thank and brighten someone else's day. Everyone got such a buzz out of letting people know that they are loved and appreciated.

We often don't know what is going on in someone else's life and it makes such a difference when we take the time to stop and let someone else know that they are loved and appreciated.

Putaruru, from all of us in the Transform Aotearoa whanau - we love you!