Congrats to our first Te Moana Kura Graduates!

This week we celebrated the graduation of our first Stage Two Women's Program Te Moana Kura. And what an awesome celebration it was! Well done to all of our 14 graduates. What an amazing 10 weeks we have had. All our participants said it gave them a greater sense of worth and confidence, and made them more equipped to tackle hard feelings. Everyone also said they now feel more equipped to be a better parent/role model, and they know more about themselves as a result of completing this program.

Here's some of what our graduates had to say:

  • "Thankyou for the course for enabling me to grow and understand myself better"
  • "I learnt the truth about anger. It showed me that I need to slowdown and take my time before I act"
  • "The program as a whole is awesome and each session had something beneficial to/for me."
  • "It’s made me look at life differently. I put into practice what I’ve learnt. I share what I’m learning with my family"
  • "The whole program was an eye opener"

Following on from our highly successful Stage One Women's Program Whakahonohono Mai, the Stage Two program has been developed to take wahine to a new level of self-discovery, freedom, empowerment, knowledge and motivation. A huge thankyou to Jade Hohaia for developing the program, and to our facilitators Belena and Amber for the successful launch of this new program. The team put on an amazing graduation morning tea to celebrate the journey that these ladies are on. This is not the end - it's just the beginning!