Stepping up to the challenge

We're excited to share with you that in Term Two we launched our band new, stage 2 Men's program!  

Following on from the success of our stage one program, Te Kaupapa Whakamana, this new stage 2: Te Ana Raiona (The Lion’s Den) has been created, to take men to the next level in their growth and development as healthy contributing members of society.  “The story about the Lion’s Den represents a test, a trial and challenge against all odds where men are called to rise to the occasion to overcome and conquer their fears and any barriers that separate them from their future pathway of promise.” says Jade Hohaia.

The launch of this program began in May with 12 men taking the challenge to dig deeper into their lives to reveal the treasure chest of who they are and who they are meant to be, including finding balance in your life, significance and what that looks like, investing in the lives of those you love and leaving a positive and lasting legacy, being connected and learning the value of how to forgive are discussed at length over the duration of the course. 

The feedback has been so positive with comments from some of our recent graduates:

“What a Life Changing program.   It shows me how I used to look at myself. Now I look at myself with a whole new meaning and feel better equipped to deal with situations that come my way”.

“I’ve been tested and challenged and it has allowed me to be the person that I’m called to be and I really like that. This program has given me a sense of belonging and even though I may still fall, failure is not falling down… Failure is staying down”.

A huge congratulations to our first Te Ana Raiona Graduates.  We are so proud of the journey that you are on!