Ray of Sunshine

Danny shared with me about his trip back to the Hawkes Bay recently.  He was in a department store and the owner of the winery where our guys spent a couple of days digging him out of silt and mud recognised Danny from the other side of the store.  He made a bee line for Danny shaking his hand and then introduced his family.  He was still full of thanks and praise for the efforts that Transform made to them in their time of greatest need.  He commented about the time our guys were on his property and how it was the best time he had through the whole clean-up process.  The morale and positivity they brought was uplifting.  Transform had left a very valuable impression on him.  Even his wife commented on the positive atmosphere the team created. 

He mentioned that his prized boutique wine that our guys helped him save would be ready to bottle once the special wine bottles from Italy arrived.  He has never forgotten how much hope and joy it brought him having our team on board.  They gave Danny their contact number and said to keep in touch.

It has been 5 months since the floods raged through their quiet picturesque property and turned their lives upside down.  They will be forever grateful to Transform and the team.  Being a ray of sunshine in their time of need will remain imprinted on their hearts forever.