Local program delivering HT Class 2

Recently Transform Aotearoa Charitable Trust held another two heavy transport programs helping several locals to get the necessary qualifications to enter the trucking industry.  This is an industry that desperately needs qualified drivers, and we are doing our bit to help the situation as best we can. 

We have noted that many who attend already drive HT vehicles without the appropriate documentation and want to obtain a license so they can continue up the heavy transport license scale.  We try and prioritise these individuals as they have the driving experience that is highly sought after but find they cannot progress without the adequate licensing.

The weeklong intensive program is designed to fast track the HT Class 2 process.  Students obtaining their learners on day one and sit the one-hour truck drive by Friday.  A few students have even been bold enough to quit their jobs on the Friday, do our program Monday to Friday and then start a new job the following Monday.

The first three days of the program are spent doing theory covering questions that will appear on the learner’s test, log booking requirements and heavy transport weights, freight placement and correct use of equipment, and methods for securing loads. The final two days are reserved for the practical driving test on the NZTA accredited driving route in Matamata.

This program has become so sought after that I do not have to advertise.  People ring me months in advance to put their names on the waitlist optimistic that they will get on the roll.  I notice an influx of calls after our programs end as graduates tell their friends and work mates of their achievements.

James Turney from All Drive NZ has been delivering HT programs for Transform for the past four years.  Un-officially he has retired but he loves the impact Transform has on the community and he wants to be a part of it.  He has said that he will continue delivering the program as long as his body will allow. 

Each program we invite a Police constable to talk through what the students can expect when they are pulled over by road police or at a weigh bridge.  They are told to allow up to two hours if this happens so the logbook and documentation of cargo infantry can be verified.

We have some amazing funders who believe in our locals and who want to see them get a job or a better job so they can provide for themselves or their families.  Transform has seen 58 people qualify to drive HT Class 2 over the past five years.  Several of them have gained a Class 4 with us or Class 5 with their respective employers.  We get a buzz when they return to tell us of their trucking achievements.

Certain criteria apply to be eligible to attend these programs however if you would like to know more, please feel free to contact Kim on 022 3765544 during work hours Tuesday to Friday for enquiries.