Class 2

We had ten eager students ready to launch into the heavy transport program. For many this is the first time they have had to study in years. I could see the strain in their faces as they prepared to go to the AA to sit the HT learners. Eight of ten passed while the others need more time before they go. One guy failed three time his confidence hit rock bottom and he was very hard on himself as we talked on the phone. I gave him heaps of encouragement and suggested he go back on Thursday after he completes the rest of the program. I told him he’s got this, and I believe in him that he will succeed. I’ve seen others before him with greater learning challenges that have held in there, conquered their fears and passed. I have every confidence that he will make it to the other side too.

Hori was on hand to assist one of the students who had some learning difficulties. He was also available to learn the ropes from James and his teaching style in preparation for the day when he retires. Discussion has started about getting Hori accredited as an assessor which James can be directly involved with.

Everyone returned on day two ready for the logbook accreditation material. Scenarios were presented where students had to interpret and enter the logbook in readiness for the assessment that happened at the end of the day.

Daniel Peat our local sergeant spent 20 minutes talking to the group about what the Police look for when pulling over trucks in the district.

Everyone passed the heavy transport theory requirements, and nine students successfully passed the truck drive test. The other student had some major challenges with ID that has held him up from completing the course. A week later he had the correct ID and still needs to sit his HT learners before he can do his truck drive. We are confident that he will pass and be able to celebrate just like the rest of his classmates have done.

Eight of these students have put their names down to do the HT Class 4 in November and will be working towards their logbook requirements until then.