Shine Women

A unique personal development and group mentoring program for women that uses an inspirational, practical and experiential approach to learning.


ShineWOMEN is about equipping women with the knowledge and skills to discover who they are and the person they want to become. This program encourages participants to find the strength and courage within them to make healthy choices and live to their full potential. 

ShineWOMEN will equip women to:

  • Identify themselves as valuable with much to contribute 
  • Build confidence, self esteem and self worth
  • Develop respect and boundaries in relationships
  • Understand they are able to have a positive influence in their world
  • Identify personal desires and strengths to motivate them to set and achieve personal goals

These message objectives are achieved through tree foundational concepts: 


The ShineWOMEN Program provides the opportunity to create a communities of concern and also hopes to offer women new agentive positions to co-construct stories of identity in which they discover a
new language to speak about what they value and treasure in their lives, and to state their hopes and preferences. 

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